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Discovering New Ways of Scientific Thinking

onomic growth in 2019, 3.75 trillion yuan of specia??l local government bonds would be issued with priorit??y given to new infrastructure and new urbanization pr??ojects. He added that investment would be focused on?? three areas: New infrastructu4

A subtle thought may yet give rise to fruitful inquiry that can establish truths ofgreat value.

re, including expanded ??5G application and wider use of new energy vehicles; ??renovation of 39,000 old urban residential communitie??s; and development of major transportation and water ??conservancy projects. Military spending is set to ri??se by 6.6 percent in 2020, separately issued budget f??j

?? of 3.6d


igures suggested, the lowest defense budget growv

percent o0


th ra??te in recent years. 'Immense tasks' aheady

f GDP, up S


Li thank??ed people from all walks of life for their support in?? the fight agai6

nst COVID-19, highlighting the roles o??f medical workers, scientists, community workers, off??icials, police officers, deliverymen and women, media?? personnel and volunteers. He outlined the containme??nt measures adoptB


ed by China, including treating COVI??D-19 as a Class A infectious disease and activating a?? Level One public health emergency response in T

all lo??calities, but warned the pandemic has not yet come to?? an end and the country faces immense tasks in promot??ing development. The premix

    e main driver for ??eca